Decriminalizing Entheogens in
Michigan and Beyond

Michigan Deserves Better

Do you want to join a movement that fights for social justice, cognitive liberty, bodily autonomy, and our earth-given right to connect with nature?
Do you disagree with oppressive drug laws that criminalize people for using plants and mushrooms?
Do you want to move towards improving mental, physical, spiritual health, and well-being for yourself and your community?
Michigan Initiative for Community Healing (MICH) is a grass-roots powered, state-registered ballot committee, launched in 2022 from the rapid growth of local decriminalization movements in Michigan to support the statewide movement.
We believe in for the people, by the people, and we acknowledge that nature’s law is higher than man’s law.
We also wish to lead our state into policy founded in compassion, equity, inclusion and common sense.
Our campaign focuses on four key points: entheogenic freedom, social justice, cognitive liberty, and reconnecting with nature. Garnering over 80k signatures in 2022, MICH is currently working towards both legislation and a 2024 ballot initiative.

Countdown to the 2024 General election


Why Decriminalize Nature?

The criminalization of entheogenic plant medicines has prevented countless individuals from accessing their potential therapeutic benefits.
Studies have shown that these medicines have the potential to treat a variety of mental health conditions, including depression, anxiety, and PTSD.
Decriminalization would reduce the harm caused by the war on drugs, including mass incarceration and disproportionate impacts on marginalized communities.

Our 2023 Legislative Goals

Decriminalize posession, use, cultivation, and sharing of ALL plants and fungi
Remove current unjust paraphernalia laws
De-felonize all drug charges

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Get involved at the statewide level, or find like-minded activists in your area to team up with.

Check out our Discord Server for decriminalization news, volunteer resources, harm-reduction info, and growing information.

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Have an Idea to Help Decriminalize Entheogens or Promote Harm-Reduction?

This is a matter concerning all citizens and we need all hands on deck. We need all types of volunteers; from collecting signatures, to helping plan events, to designing promotional material for a ballot campaign.

Your experience, expertise, and most importantly - your time, are extremely valuable. Fill out the MICH volunteer form and let us know how you can contribute.

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Get Involved in Your Area

Multiple Michigan cities have already decriminalized natural entheogens. Click below to find local and regional organizations and services.

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